Premio Hemingway - Lignano Sabbiadoro - 38° edizione Back to results

Dal 16/06/22 al 19/06/22
Type: Conference, meeting, exhibition
Location: Lignano Sabbiadoro

The Ernest Hemingway Prize of Lignano Sabbiadoro is a prestigious literary event which reached its 38th edition in 2022. But it is also an opportunity to discover or rediscover the spectacular landing of one of the most well-known and loved writers of all time. Lignano and his lagoon were Hemingway's retreat in different periods of his life. As a sign of thanks, Lignano dedicated its public park to Ernest Hemingway and established the award which boasts a very high profile roll of honor.
The four main categories of the Award are confirmed, four “visual angles” of the multifaceted personality of Ernest Hemingway: Literature, Adventure of Thought, Witness of our time, Photography. The event is held at the Kursaal Congress Center in Lignano Riviera.