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Via Latisana, 33
33054 Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine)


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Terms and conditions

1.Bookings: Bookings are confirmed by the travel organization upon receipt of the deposit: equivalent to no less than 30% of the total balance due, till the date of expiry of the rental contract. In the computation of the letting period, the number of days is the same as the number of the nights.
2.Earnest money: 30% of the total renting amount is to paid as deposit to the Tourist Enterprise, also by bank transfer  order to: Agenzia Anny – Via Latisana 33 – 33054 Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD) – Italy - Bank: Cassa del Risparmio di Venezia Friuli Giulia S.P.A. – place: Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD) Italy - IBAN: IT30A0634063910100000003179 – SWIFTCODE: IBSPIT2UXXX
3.Payment procedure : The settlement of the rent must be paid at the arrival together with the delivery of the keys. The payment shall be accepted cash, creditcard Visa or Mastercard.
4.Price: The agreed price includes accommodation and furnishings in good condition, television, cutlery, crockery, kitchen utensils, covers and pillows, - use of safe (when available) - normal consumption of gas, hot and cold water and electricity. Minor maintenance repairs will be at the expense of the tourist agency whose personal have authorized access to the premises, even in guest's absence. The agreed price does not include towels and linen, beach services and anything not expressly stated in the ‘price includes’.
5.Check –in/out : Keys may be collected from Agency Anny in via Latisana 33 in Lignano Sabbiadoro. On the arrival, personal documents of everybody must be shown for the registration. Accommodation is available for occupation between 4.00 p.m and 7.30 p.m on the day of arrival and must be vacated not later than 9.00 a.m. – 9.30 a.m. on the day of departure. The apartment must be left clean, free from garbage with the kitchenware washed, the refrigerator empty and the kitchen in perfect order. Previous agreement is required for arrivals and departures outside this period. If the customer is of the opinion that the reserved apartment is not enough clean, he has to communicate it to the tourist agency within one hour from key collection and in any case only on Saturdays within 7.00 p.m.; the tourist agency will verify and quickly readjust the apartment, availability of the personal permitting. If the reserved premises are not occupied by the guest by 7.30 p.m on the day of arrival, without written notification (telegram, fax or e-mail) to the tourist agency, the accommodation will be considered vacant and the tourist agency reserves the right to retain the deposit and demand the possible full balance of payment, even if the accommodation has not been used or to have the lodging at its disposition. No refund is due in the case of delayed arrival or early departure.
6.Warnings: This contract is not covered by any insurance against cancellation, therefore if the customer holds this for a necessity, he will personally provide for it. If the reserved apartment not be available for reasons beyond one's control, it will be replaced by another of the same category or higher and the published price list will count as comparison condition; the apartment replacement following the terms stated above frees the tourist agency from any kind of customer's charges, requests and/or claims. The request of a particular apartment (number, floor etc.) will be considered without however being guaranteed. The description of the furnishing of the apartments, in our catalogue may different in exceptional cases. The tourist agency is not responsible nor has to refund the customer in case of bad functioning of house systems such as lifts, centralised antennas and satellite antennas and/or various automations and also if the reserved car parking place is wrongly occupied by a third party, when no guarded parking is available. The parking places have in general a maximal length of 4,80 mt, a maximal width of 2,00 mt and a maximal high of 1,70 mt, therefore, if the client has a car with bigger dimensions than the above mentioned, he will personally find a suitable solution, because it is absolutely forbidden to take the parking place of others. Eventual bad functioning of electrical appliances such as dishwashers, air conditioners, washing machines, decoder and methane boiler (which have to be repaired by specialized personnel who are not always available in the surroundings) will be repaired in two working days after notification to the agency of the inconvenient. Within this period of time the tourist agency is not responsible for refunding due to breach of contract and/or damage of any kind. In particular for defective fridges, the replacement with models with highest capacity of 110 litres is immediate (within 4 hours from notification of the inconvenient) and the reparation of the old one is done following the rules applied to the other electrical appliances as described above. The tourist agency refers to satellite televisions as televisions which are able to be tuned through analogic decoder, centralised on some international channels, usually German, English.
7.Deposit: Upon arrival a deposit is required as a guarantee for a good maintenance of the lodging and the inventoried goods, and for the restitution of the keys. If the guest departs outside office hours the deposit will be refunded by postal money order.
8.Liability: The guest assumes the liability to use the lodgings with care and will be held responsible for any damage, breakages and missing objects which he will be charged for. The tourist agency must always be informed of any damage or breakage within 12.00 a.m. on the day after his arrival, otherwise the guest will be held responsible for them. The tourist agency does not assume any responsibility for the lost or disappearance of money, precious goods or personal effects from the premises. The apartments are not covered by fire/theft insurance, therefore the client has not to forgive any precious goods in the premises and must be careful with electrical appliances (not leave any personal electrical appliance connected to the wall socket).
9.Cancellation: Cancellations are only accepted in writing by: letter, telegram, fax or e-mail. Tourist agency will contact the guest to discuss for the possible repayment of the deposit.
10.Pets: Dogs, cats and other pets are allowed in the apartments, just if clearly indicated through the appropriate symbol in the catalogue or online-catalogue. Pets can be of small and middle size but cannot weigh more than 10 kg. Should the tourist agency agree to accept animals in the apartments where they are usually not allowed, the organization reserves the right to terminate the contract immediately with no liability to refund. Pets cannot be left in the apartments alone without a person taking care of them, in order to avoid eventual damage to the apartments and disturb for the other guests; this is an essential condition for the guests with animals and if not respected, the tourist agency will terminate the contract immediately and with no liability to refund. Further damage will be calculated and subtracted from the paid deposit.

11.Contract resolution : Should the tourist agency verify that there are extra guests (included babies and children) as declared on the reservation form and/or there is a serious breach of apartment regulations (excessive noise or disruption), the tourist agency reserves the right to terminate the contract with no liability to refund. Eventual further damage will be calculated and subtracted from the paid deposit and the guest must immediately leave the apartment. Further damage can also be calculated after guest's departure.