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Terms and conditions

Rental rules of Agency
Terms and conditions between customer and agency


  1. Bookings

Bookings are confirmed by the agency upon receipt of the deposit till the expiry date of the rental contract online. In default of payment of the deposit within the expiry date of the rental offer, the offer will be cancelled; if the agency receives the deposit later than that date and the flat offered is no longer available, the agency try to find an alternative solution but if it will be not accepted from the client, the agency will reimburse the whole deposit amount, deducted the agency costs.


  1. Availability
  1. Check-in will be done in the Agenzia in Lignano Sabbiadoro. To collect the keys the customer must pay the balance of holiday and the city tourism tax in cash or credit card (only Visa and mastercard) and the deposit of € 150,00 / 250,00 (depending on the booked accommodation) only in cash.
  2. Accommodation is available for occupation between 4 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. on the day of arrival as soon as the apartment will be cleaned.
  3. Deferred arrivals require prior written agreements just by email and are possible until 10.30 pm; it will be asked a supplement of € 30.00 due to the costs of managing the agency's staff. In the case of delayed arrival or early departure no refund will be paid.
  4. Check-out: the agency staff will come personally to the accommodation between 09.00 and 09.30 in the morning to collect the keys and check. The apartment must be left in the conditions indicated in the point below (see point 3. Price - letter B: light cleaning), otherwise a sum will be withheld from the deposit.
  5. Late departure requires the payment of a penalty equal to one night; the staff responsible for the agency will remove all belongings of the customer, bringing it in the agency and charge the expenses related to the procedure mentioned above.


  1. Price 
  1. In the computation of the letting period, will calculate the number of the nights.
  2. The price includes: accommodation and furnishings in good condition, television, cutlery, crockery, kitchen utensils, pillows and synthetic summer blankets (wool blankets are not provided), - use of safe (when available) - normal consumption of gas, hot and cold water and electricity consumption, minor maintenance repairs will be at the expense of the tourist agency whose personal have authorized access to the premises, even in guest's absence within 24 hours from the damage communication - the final cleaning is defined as "light cleaning" which consists of a simple rearrangement of the apartment by the agency for the next client and is therefore obliged to the outgoing client to return at the departure the apartment ordered as delivered to him (defrosted refrigerator, without any garbage, displaced furniture: beds and couches), if the customer fails to comply with this obligation, the agency will keep from the deposit 50,00 / 80,00 euro (depending on the accommodation).
  3. The price does NOT include: beach service, bed linen, towels, general linens, baby cot, iron and ironing board and hairdryer. bed linen, towels and baby cot can be added to the holiday package by booking them from the online contract till one week before arrival.


  1.  Pets 

Dogs are allowed in the apartments, just if clearly indicated through the appropriate symbol in the online-catalogue. Pets can be of small and middle size but cannot weigh more than 9 kg. Should the agency discover the presence of animals in the apartments where they are usually not allowed, the organization reserves the right to terminate the contract immediately with no liability to refund. Pets cannot be left in the apartments alone without a person taking care of them, in order to avoid eventual damages of the apartments and disturb for the other guests; this is an essential condition for the guests with animals and if not respected, the agency will terminate the contract immediately and with no liability to refund. Further damages will be calculated and deducted from the paid deposit. Pets must be declared during the compilation of the contract online and the owners of them are liable to the payment of a small fee for the final cleaning that must be carried out in other ways. Should the Agency check the presence of no declared pets, will ask to the client by departure twice the supplement above referred.


  1. Contract resolution 

Should the agency verifies that there are extra guests (included babies and children) as declared on the reservation form and/or there is a serious breach of apartment regulations (excessive noise or disruption), the agency reserves the right to terminate the contract with no liability to refund. Eventual further damages will be calculated and deducted from the paid deposit and the guest musts immediately leave the apartment. Further damages can also be calculated after guest's departure.


  1. Cancellation

Should the client's cancellation (*) be notified to the agency up to 60 days before the scheduled arrival date, 100% of the deposit will be refunded by bank transfer (**). Should the cancellation (*) be notified to the agency between the 59th and the 30th day before the scheduled arrival date, 50% of the deposit will be refunded by bank transfer (**), for cancellations after this deadline there is no refund.

(*) The cancellations are allowed only by e-mail sent from the same reservation’s e-mail address. The refund is made just by bank transfer to your Bank account on the IBAN that you will communicate to us.

(**) The cost of the agency's practice for cancellation involves the fixed charge of 10.00 euros which will be retained on the refunded amount.

  1. Warnings
  1. Cleaning the apartment - The agency supplies holiday packages with services and modality as described in the previous points.  However, an external clean–service company, supplies cleaning services and will answer directly to you regarding the state of cleanliness of the apartment when you arrive.  If upon arrival you should find that the apartment has not been prepared with sufficient care, we please you not to clean the apartment by yourself, but immediately call (within one hour after the keys delivery or the next morning if the arrival takes place after 7pm) the agency.  Within the reasonable period of one hour the cleaning company will clean the apartment until its condition meets with your approval.
  2. Beds and sofas - In the descriptions of the apartments, the sofa beds for two people defined double or twin bed set, when they are opened without distinction can become a French bed or twin beds, even on different levels. Likewise with the definition of a double bedroom and/or double bed is defined in most cases, two single beds side by side.
  3. Condominium pools - The swimming-pools of the residences are open more or less from beginning of June till the first week of September.
  4. Dimensions of the parking space - The parking places have a maximal length of 4,80 mt, a maximal width of 2,00 mt and a maximal high of 1,70 mt, if it is not specified otherwise on the apartment description therefore, if the client has a car with bigger dimensions than the above mentioned, he will personally find a suitable solution, because it is absolutely forbidden to take the parking place of others.
  5. Shared parking space or shared parking - The definition "parking area" or “parking lot limited number” doesn't mean that the parking place is assigned, because the buildings/residences in question have a lower amount of parking lots to properties.
  6. Electrical and technological systems - The agency is not liable nor has to refund the customer in these cases: bad functioning of house systems such as lifts, centralized antennas and wi-fi installations and/or various automations,
  7. Electricity, available power and methods of use - The client is required for the correct use of their electrical equipment and the electrical equipment supplied to the apartment, considering that the electrical supply is of 3,0 kWh.
  8. Construction sites - The agency is released from the duty of information to the client regarding the existence or future settlement of construction sites and/or road works, for which both the noise level and the working time are defined by the municipal regulations. Construction sites are normally not operational in summer during the high season.
  9. Unavailability of the apartment - Should the reserved apartment not be available per force major, it will be replaced by another of the same or higher category and the published price list will count as comparison condition; the apartment replacement following the terms stated above clears the agency from any kind of customer's charges, requests and/or claims. In the absence of alternative accommodation or accommodation that does not meet the customer's expectations, the agency will refund to the customer the amount paid and this action clears the agency from any kind of customer's charges, requests and/or claims.
  10. NOT ALLOWED: Smoking in the apartments is forbidden and please use the balconies or external areas. It is forbidden to use any kind of grill in the apartments on balconies, stairs and gardens. It is forbidden to use stoves or other electrical equipment which is not normal household use.


  1. Liability 
  1. Reporting of shortages and breakages -The guest assumes the liability to use the properties with care and he commits to report any damages, breakages and missing objects within 12.00 a.m. on the day after his arrival, otherwise the guest will be held responsible for them.
  2. Exclusion of insurance coverage - The tourist organization does not assume any responsibility for the lost or disappearance of money of the client, precious goods or personal effects from the premises. The apartments are not covered by fire/theft insurance, therefore the client has not to leave any precious goods in the premises during his stay.
  3. Responsibility of the agency for various things of the client - The agency is in no way liable for damages to motor vehicles which are parked in internal or external condominium areas that are caused by other people or for accidental fall of branches, pigs or other objects, floods and even in the case of theft of bicycles or other objects deposited in the internal or external condominium areas or in the courtyards of the villas.
  4. Bad weather and adverse weather conditions - In case of bad weather, wind and storm, the customer will be careful to keep doors and windows closed, close the umbrellas as well as secure the terrace furnishing and close the curtains of the rented apartment as all damages to things and people that may result from non-compliance with the above will be charged. In the presence of heavy rain, storms, storm surges or weather alerts transmitted via radio, television or internet, vehicles parked in underground garages or otherwise parked below road level must be temporarily taken out of the garage or parking lot. In the event of flooding resulting from exceptional weather conditions that in Italy are defined as "natural disasters, force majeure events", the condominium insurance partner does not compensate for the damages incurred to the vehicles. The agency and the owner have no responsibility nor are they liable for any compensation to the customer for the time in which he did not use the parking lot or the damage to the vehicle resulting from not having moved it outside in the presence of these phenomena.


        End of rental rules